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Rental Criteria

1. INCOME/EMPLOYMENT: Gross income for the entire apartment must be at least 3 times the monthly rent amount. Income must be verified, and each applicant must provide a job history.  If employment is not verified by your employer, we require the past 30 days of the most recent pay stubs or previous year tax returns if self-employed.  Income associated with attending school will be accepted as an alternative to employment provided it can be verified.  Failure to provide income verification will be an automatic denial of the application.

2. CREDIT: All applicants must provide a valid government-issued photo ID, and a valid social security number or tax identification number. A credit report will be processed on each applicant using a 3rd-party verification service. Credit for the past 3 years will be evaluated and scored based on payment history including but not limited to collections, bankruptcy, foreclosure and civil judgments. Student loans and medical accounts do not affect this calculation. Applicants with an open bankruptcy case will not be accepted.

3. RESIDENCY/RENTAL HISTORY: All addresses for all applicants within the last 2 years will be verified. Proof of payment must be provided for any amount owed to previous landlords. We reserve the right to deny an application for unresolved debts to a previous landlord, unsatisfactory eviction judgments, or non-compliance with any terms of a previous lease contract or community policies.  Rental verifications provided by family members or friends will not be considered proof of residency.

4. IF AN APPLICANT MEETS  2 of the 3 ABOVE CRITERIA, then a guarantor or additional deposit may be used, subject to our discretion. The guarantor must complete an application, pay the application fee, meet all criteria (Income must be at least 5 times monthly rent.), sign and all required paperwork before the applicant moves in. If the guarantor is not available to sign the required documents in person a notarized copy of all paperwork will be accepted.

5. CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS: Criminal background checks are required on all applicants. If it is found that an applicant has a conviction or guilty plea for a serious violation or felony, this may be cause for an automatic disqualification and application denial. Below are some particular examples we do not accept, but this list is NOT exhaustive:
  • We do not accept any homicide, kidnapping, arson or sex crimes against persons.
  • We do not accept any felony within ten (10) years.
  • We do not accept misdemeanor theft, burglary, robbery, fraud, embezzlement, bad checks, domestic crimes, prostitution, vandalism or weapons within five (5) years.
  • We do not accept more than three (3) total convictions within five (5) years.
6. OCCUPANCY: Maximum occupancy is two (2) persons per bedroom, plus (1) (Certain exceptions apply in accordance with relevant law). An application is required for all applicants 18 years or older. All occupants over age 18 must sign the Lease.

7. SECURITY DEPOSIT: An initial security deposit of $300 must be paid in full within 72 business hours of application approval. If any additional deposit is required, it will be due on the scheduled move-in date. At least 6 months of consecutive employment is required to qualify for the standard security deposit.  Applications that don’t fully meet the requirements may be approved with an additional Security Deposit or guarantor subject to our discretion. Security deposit amount ranges are as follows:             

Bedroom Size                      Security Deposit Range     
1 Bedroom                 $300 - $ equal to one month’s rent
2 Bedroom                 $300 - $ equal to one month’s rent
3 Bedroom                 $300 - $ equal to one month’s rent 
8. APPLICATION FEES: The following Fees will be charged on all applications:
  • Application Fee: $50 per person
  • Administrative Fee: $150
The applicant has 72 hours from the time of application to cancel with no penalty, unless the applicant has already moved in.  Refunds for a canceled application may take up to 30 days.  After 72 hours or after move-in, the entirety of the application fees are forfeited.

9. HOLDING APARTMENTS: Once the application has been approved you must take possession of the apartment within 10 calendar days from the time the apartment is ready for move in (the available date). Once the 10-day timeframe has passed the apartment will no longer be held and will become eligible to be placed back on the market for a first come first serve basis at which point you would need to reapply. 

*All Fees are Non-refundable. Fees and Security Deposit must be in separate verifiable funds (money order or cashier’s check.*